TransNet Dashboard

Transnet Program Overview

Progress continues on transportation projects in the San Diego region in large part because of TransNet, the county's half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements. The first 20-year TransNet measure was approved by voters in 1987. It went into effect in 1988, and before it expired, it was extended by voters in 2004 for an additional 40 years. The initial measure generated approximately $3.8 billion (1988-2008), and as of 2023, the extension has generated $4.4 billion. In 2023, SANDAG celebrated 35 years of delivering TransNet transportation and environmental projects.

SANDAG, and its transportation partners, have created the TransNet Dashboard to keep the public informed on the status of TransNet projects. The TransNet Dashboard is also used as a project and program management tool. The TransNet Dashboard provides up-to-date schedule, budget, expenditure, and funding information for projects identified in the first measure and the extension.

Data can be observed at the program, corridor, ordinance, or project segment level by clicking on the appropriate drop-down list. Snapshot, cashflow, schedule, and budget data are available within these views. The stoplight and gauges provide quick budget and schedule status at a glance.

TransNet funds are vital in helping us secure additional funds. Expenditures of all private, local, state, federal, and TransNet funding are tracked from project inception and included here on the Dashboard.

Crosswalk of TransNet Ordinance Projects, CIPs, and Regional Plan Projects

In response to recommendations from the 2024 TransNet Triennial Performance Audit, SANDAG staff has prepared a new comprehensive crosswalk of TransNet Ordinance projects and the corresponding Regional Plan projects and Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs). Information is included on completion status, project scope, project limits, initial cost estimates, current funding totals, and clarifying comments where needed.

A rubric was also developed to calculate overall Ordinance completion status based on the phase(s) of work complete and the number and types of CIPs contributing towards completion of a particular Ordinance project.
TransNet Ordinance Completion Percentage Guide.pdf

The crosswalk will be reviewed and updated, as needed, quarterly. The crosswalk will also be updated in 2025 with the finalization of the 2025 Regional Plan to correlate the remaining projects to their associated project number in the 2025 Regional Plan.
TransNet Ordinance CIP RegionalPlan Crosswalk.xlsx

Ordinance Project List

Ordinance No. Corridor Project Completed In-Progress Future Project
1 I-15 I-15: SR 163 to SR 56
2 I-15 I-15: Centre City Pkwy to SR 78
3 I-15 I-15: SR 94 to SR 163
4 I-15 HOV Connector: I-15 / SR 78
5 I-15 HOV Connector: I-15 / SR 94
6 I-15 SR 94: I-5 to I-15
7 I-15 BRT Route 610: via I-15 / SR 94 (Now Route 235)
8 I-15 BRT Route 470: via I-15 / Mira Mesa Blvd (Now Route 237)
9 I-805 I-805: SR 905 to SR 54
10 I-805 I-805: SR 54 to I-8
11 I-805 I-805: Mission Valley Viaduct
12 I-805 I-805: I-8 to I-5
13 I-805 I-805 / SR 54 Interchange Improvements
14 I-805 BRT Route 628: via I-805 / I-15 / SR 94 (Now known as South Bay Rapid)
15 I-805 BRT Route 628: via I-805 / I-15 / SR 94 (Now known as South Bay Rapid)
16 I-805 BRT Route 680: via I-805 / I-15 / SR 52
17 I-805 SR 52: I-15 to I-805
18 I-805 HOV Connector: I-805 / SR 52 Interchange
19 I-5 South I-5: SR 905 to SR 54
20 I-5 South I-5: SR 54 to I-8
21 I-5 South I-5: I-8 to I-805
22 I-5 South Route 500 (Blue Line Trolley) Improvements
23 I-5 South Route 570 (Mid Coast)
24 I-5 South Route 634 (SuperLoop) (Now known as Routes 201, 202, and 204)
25 I-5 North I-5 / I-805 Merge
26 I-5 North I-5: SR 56 to Leucadia Blvd
27 I-5 North I-5: Leucadia Blvd to Vandegrift Blvd
28 I-5 North HOV Connector: I-5 / I-805 Interchange
29 I-5 North FWY Connector: I-5 / SR 56 Interchange
30 I-5 North FWY Connector: I-5 / SR 78 Interchange
31 I-5 North Route 398 (COASTER) / BRT Route 472 Improvements
32 SR 52 SR 52: I-15 to SR 125
33 SR 52 SR 52: SR 125 to SR 67
34 SR 94/ SR 125 FWY Connector: SR 94 / SR 125 Interchange
35 SR 94/ SR 125 SR 94: SR 125 to Steele Canyon Rd
36 SR 94/ SR 125 SR 94: SR 125 to Steele Canyon Rd
37 SR 94/ SR 125 Route 520 (Orange Line Trolley) Improvements
38 SR 94/ SR 125 SR 54 / SR 125: I-805 to SR 94
39 SR 67 SR 67: Mapleview St to Dye Rd
40 I-8 I-8: Second St to Los Coches Rd
41 SR 78 SR 78: I-5 to I-15
42 SR 78 Route 399 (SPRINTER) / BRT Route 471 Improvements
43 SR 76 SR 76: Melrose Dr to I-15
44 SR 56 SR 56: I-5 to I-15
45 Mid-City BRT Showcase Route 611: via El Cajon Blvd & Park Blvd (Now known as Mid-City Rapid Route 215)
46 Coronado Tunnel SR 75 / SR 282 (Coronado Tunnel): Glorietta Blvd to Alameda Blvd
47 Border Access Border Access Improvements
48 SR 125 SR 125: SR 905 to SR 54
49 Bikeway Bikeway